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Have you ever gone to the kitchen with an excited, drooling dog at your side, just to realize that you're out of treats? Our 'Wag Bag™ was created to make sure that never happens again!

Give yourself a break and let us send you a custom bag full of treats, toys and food right to your door. After all, you're busy enough and the less time you spend running around from store to store, the more time you have to enjoy with your dog!

The best part? Our 'Wag Bags™ are completely customizable! Choose from treats, toys, food or a combination of them. Plus, with free shipping or delivery this is the best deal since free kisses!

'Wag Bag™also makes the perfect gift for a dog lover or your grand-dogs! Spoil all the dogs in your life and become their favorite!

Why Choose 'Wag Bag™?


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All treats in our 'Wag Bags™ are Homegrown Hounds™ products, so they will get a monthly dose of happy and healthy! Why give your dog treats with questionable ingredients? Try our worry free parenting, starting with 'Wag Bag™!

We would never send your dog anything we wouldn't give to our own, so you can indulge your best friend with healthy and tasty treats every month, guilt free!

All of our treats are made from 100% Human-grade ingredients, and made right here in the USA, so you can have peace of mind. After all, don't you have enough to worry about?


All toys in our 'Wag Bags™ are hand picked by our President! Whew, that's a lot of work, thanks Melanie, Godspeed!

There are so many toys on the market that it can be overwhelming to choose. Some are even dangerous to your dog's health! Our toy option will send you a monthly toy that is size and chewing strength appropriate so you don't have to worry. So sit back, relax and let your dog have their fun!

All toys are recycled, all natural or environmentally friendly. We aim to lessen your dog's carbon paw print as well as keep your dog safe from harmful synthetic toys!



Does your dog enjoy our amazing dog food products? Say no more!

You can add Dog Dogz™, Tater's Veggie Blend™, and Muffin's Mineral Mix™ to your 'Wag Bag™. Never worry about running out of food again, just add your favorite products to your customized bag and it will be delivered to your door!

Haven't tried our food products yet? They're the perfect solution for picky eaters, plump pooches, sensitive stomachs and allergy prone dogs. Even the average Fido loves our delicious recipes, and as we always say: A Dog Dog™ a day keeps the vet away!

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