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Do you have a dog who is overweight or even obese?

Are you tired of hearing about your dog's weight from friends and relatives?

Has your vet given you "the talk" about your dog needing to shed some pounds?

Well look no further, we have the perfect system for you!

It's Jenny Beg!

We understand the stress of having a dog who is an overeater, we've been there! There is constant guilt about keeping your dog healthy, but at the same time, constant guilt that they are always hungry. Being a dog parent isn't always easy that's for sure, but we found a way to conquer our dog's problem and now we want to share it with you!fat dog

Get your dog healthy and fit while keeping their bellies full, so they will be happier and live longer! Toss out those commercial dog foods, filled with carbohydrates like corn and wheat, and come to the all natural side of weight loss!

No one ever got healthier eating corn chips at every meal, so how can your dog? if all natural, whole foods are what's best for us to get into better shape, why not for our dogs? Well we're here to tell you that they are! And we can't wait for you to get your Starter Kit and watch your dog's transformation.

Your dog has accumulated toxins in their body overtime from eating carcinogen-filled kibble so they need the power of fruits and vegetables to get healthy and fit! Our diet includes all Homegrown Hounds™ food and treats which are perfectly balanced to help your dog detoxify and get thinner in the process!

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What to expect

On our Jenny Beg System™ your dog will have more energy and their coat will be shinier! That's because our foods are packed with protein, beneficial fruits and veggies and cod liver oil. You can get rid of grains all together if you like, or feed our original recipe with only rolled oats added.

Unlike other weight loss systems, ours includes treats! That's because our treats are high in protein and made with only oat flour so they don't pack on the pounds like other biscuit-like snacks. We know your dog needs that special snack during the day to keep their hunger pangs at bay and we've created a system around it!

We also include all natural stuffed beef bones for lasting chewing enjoyment between meals and snacks!


How it Works

  1. Purchase your starter kit. Each starter kit comes with a 30 day supply of food and treats. You choose whether you want pre made food, our Dog Dogz™, or our D.I.Y. (do it yourself) just add protein version, Tater's Veggie Blend™. Either way, you're getting a perfect balance of protein, fruits, vegetables and dog on scalegrains your dog needs to live a long and healthy life!
  2. We send you a customized feeding and exercise plan created by a pet nutritionist. With your starter kit you'll receive a weight loss system designed just for your dog by one of our canine nutritionists! It will include a monthly feeding routine of food and treats, as well as exercise requirements based on the information you provide us. All of this is free with your starter kit!
  3. Follow your custom feeding schedule daily. For the first month you will feed 3-4 times a day and feeding treats twice daily. This is an important first step in the weight loss process and will help your dog get used to eating less food. As soon as your dogs are weaned off their sugar and salt drenched foods, they'll be so excited for their new meals you will feel like the most amazing parent on the block!
  4. Follow your custom exercise regimen. We'll tailor an exercise routine that suits you and your dog's needs. If at any time you feel like the exercise is too much or too little, just contact us! We're always an email or phone call away and can make adjustments to your plan based on the information you give us.
  5. Bring your dog in for weekly weigh-ins and consult with your personal pet nutritionist. A free service with our program is our weekly weigh-in service! Come by the shop any time for a weigh in and schedule an appointment with your nutritionist to make sure your pooch is on the right track. Every dog is different and it's important to check in weekly to track progress and make changes to your plan if needed. Not local? That's okay! You can do your dog's weigh-ins at home and chat with your nutritionist online or over the phone. You receive the same service no matter where you are!
  6. 4 months makes a difference. Healthy weight loss takes time. Don't get discouraged if it takes time to see a difference in your dog. When a dog is very overweight and has trouble getting active it can take a little longer, but within 4 months on the Jenny Beg System™ your dog will be close, if not at, their ideal weight. The fourth month in your plan will be your daily feeding and exercise plan going forward and since you and your dog have kept it up for 4 months, it should be a cinch!

What You Receive with your Starter Kit

Food for 30 Days.

Daily Treats.

Bones Filled with Awesome for each week.

Free shipping for life! As a Jenny Beg™member

A Personal Pet Nutritionist.

Weekly Weigh-ins at our Store.

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