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Feeding Guide

Feeding Guidelines for Monkeys Mouthwatering Munch Recipe (using TVB™)

For adult dogs feed 1 1/2 cups of food for every 20 lbs of your dog’s weight per day. For puppies feed up to twice the adult amount. For pregnant or nursing mothers feed up to three times the normal adult amount.

Please Note: All dogs have different metabolisms so please alter these amounts to keep your dog at a healthy weight. Find out how to determine a healthy weight here.

Feeding Calculator

The below feeding calculators will give you a specific amount of food to feed your dog based on their activity and age levels, so use the one that best fits your dog. Just input their exact weight in pounds and the result will be the total daily feeding amount in cups. If you're feeding twice per day please split amounts in half.

If your hound needs to put on or loose a couple of pounds, please enter the target weight that your dog should be (target weight should be recommended by your veterinarian) into the box that best describes your dog's activity level. We hope you'll share your before and after pictures with us!

If you have a very overweight or obese dog we suggest signing up for our Jenny Beg Weight Loss System™!





High Activity (Most Younger Dogs -or- Weight Gain)



Normal to Low Activity (Most Adult and Senior Dogs -or- Weight Loss)




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